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Thursday I only managed maybe 90 minutes of sleep, bc a disastrous combination of computer fan problems and a computer backup that took 9.5 hours. Friday was interesting. But then I woke up at 6 am on Saturday and didn't seem tired. I made bread and tried cooking a medieval recipe I found. Sunday—not sure if I got food poisoning (or how I would have, though I suspect it would have been from oil splatter with raw meat or raw meat traces on the spatula used to cook the meat) or just IBS. So I did nothing yesterday except watch anime and play Pokemon mystery dungeon and scroll through a lot of Reddit and tumblr.

So today, I actually have to get things done. And I woke up late, probably because all the sleep I got yesterday felt like a cross between Inception and a book on sleep disorders. Didn't really wake up till past 2.

Yeah I know this is boring, but I'm trying to get in the habit of posting.
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So I got the import to work. It was like 3 posts lmao. Aaaand is anyone I know even active here? Guess I'll find out.
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Specifically, I somehow read my email as my site username from LJ, so I have no idea what's going on with the import I did after that. IDK if it's working or not. How many times do they try to authenticate a thing before giving up? At least 4, apparently. Oh well, I only had like 4 posts there, anyway. I finally came over here because the dragon age kmeme moved :P

Basically, no way in hell am I using a site that's a) located in and legally subject to Russia rn, and b) considers the TOS to only be legally binding in a language I can't read and that I'm agreeing to it in that language and not what it says in translation. Should I learn to read Russian? Probably, someday, but I'd like to go for Spanish, German, and Japanese first.

So, here I am. Now that I don't have to worry about Putin reading my monster porn, I'll probably post here more than I did on LJ, because tumblr is rapidly turning into a shithive of teenagers who think sex is bad. Surprisingly, these are the same teenagers who thought asexuals were bad, if you've not been keeping up. Aaaand they're also calling everyone pedophiles because it means something bad and who cares about what it actually means or things like real world repercussions.

GTG. More later.


Feb. 9th, 2017 02:15 am
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Ok, I realize I haven't posted here in over a year, and that the servers are owned by Russia now or something, but I need one place where the tumblr aphobes won't screenshot me. Like, they literally found my AO3 and started bringing discourse onto a freaking tentacle fic. Most of the people doing it are literally 14, too, to top it all off and give me another thing to worry about, except for sob/erco/mmuni/st, who started this particular dogpile for the lulz. Someone even wrote a parody fic. What's the really annoying thing is that half of them are making fun of my writing style (in addition to calling me creepy and pearl-clutching about my kinks), when I've literally won awards for writing like that.

And like, other than tentacles and a bit of religion kink it wasn't even that weird, and it's fully consensual (as much as elder god/human ships can be). And the aphobes meanwhile are always complaining that inclusionists are magically sex-shaming them. So, I'm kind of pissed.

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So maybe those moneycat things do work, bc my dad stopped being mad at me for not staying all of break and gave me an extra $100.  I can get a haircut and some nice food!  Is it weird that I'm mostly thinking about different kinds of food for this?  But like yay maybe-vegetables.

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Jan. 1st, 2016 10:11 pm
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So I can't believe I've made a LiveJournal in the year of our lord 2016, but tumblr is apparently trying to lose all its functionality, so here I am (Oudeteron dragged me here), and wow I can actually type a textpost without the textbox freezing up and me having to type with no visual input for two minutes at a time, amazing. I can't believe that there is more functionality apparent to a new user than there is on tumblr for someone who's used it for three years. But yeah hi, my tumblr is cinnamonrolltoogayforthisworld if you know me over there, and I used to run golbatsforequality but it's on hiatus. I do classics, trans stuff, and videogames mostly. Do not add me if you're a twerf or a truscum or anti-sj(w)/anti-feminist, that's pretty much all my rules.


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